Sunday, March 31, 2013

Alphabet Soup For Breakfast?

Whether it's alphabet soup or Post's Alphabit cereal, we are going to celebrate the letters of the alphabet in the morning and afternoon over the next several weeks. This is one of the show's we feature on the weekend called "Alphabet Soup", and now you'll get a chance to hear it in the mornings and afternoons. Here's our line up:

  • Mon 4/1 -- Groups and artists with first names of A
  • Tue 4/2 -- Groups and artists with first names of B
  •  Wed 4/3 -- Groups and artists with first names of C
  • Thu 4/4 -- Groups and artists with first names of D
  • Fri 4/5 -- Groups and artists with first names of E

  • Mon 4/8 -- Groups and artists with first names of F
  • Tue 4/9 -- Groups and artists with first names of G and H
  • Wed 4/10 -- Groups and artists with first names of I and J
  • Thu 4/11 -- Groups and artists with first names of K and L
  • Fri 4/12 -- Groups and artists with first names of M

  • Mon 4/15 -- Groups and artists with first names of N and O
  • Tue 4/16 -- Groups and artists with first names of P
  • Wed 4/17 -- -- Groups and artists with first names of Q and R
  • Thu 4/18 -- Groups and artists with first names of S
  • Fri 4/19 -- Groups and artists with first names of T

  • Mon 4/22 -- Groups and artists with first names of U through Z

and then we'll finish out the week with the following:

  • Tue 4/23 -- Animal Crackers (music and artists having to deal with animals)
  • Wed 4/24 -- KILR Road Trip (music and artists dealing with locations and methods of travel)
  • Thu 4/25 -- The Daily Times (music and artists dealing with seasons, time, etc.)
  • Fri 4/26 -- The Color Prism (music and artists dealing with color)

Our mid-day shows will still broadcast as scheduled, so you will still be able to hear The Killer 70's/80's Show, Starrfoxx's Super Radio Show, Howlin' Wolfman, Katie Jackson, and KSIM Radio. Evening shows will have some slight adjustment through the month of April, and then all will return back to "normal" afterwards.

Have a great Alphabet April!

Monday, January 21, 2013

KSIM Radio Weekend On 1/26 and 1/27!

The unique characteristic about KILR Radio is that it has many different stations, programs, and personalities all rolled into one.

One of those is KSIM Radio

KSIM Radio is a station within a station. Normally it only airs for one hour every 2pm Pacific, Monday-Friday. But this weekend on 1/26 and 1/27, KSIM Radio takes over the station and transforms it into a completely different station. A new game from "The Sims 3" series is being released entitled "70's, 80's, and 90's Stuff", so KSIM Radio is celebrating this coming weekend by playing music from simulation games such as The Sims, SimCity, Civilization, Age of Empires, Final Fantasy, and many more great games.

It's a different experience and an event that doesn't happen often, so tune your computers and internet devices to KILR KSIM Radio this weekend and experience a whole new dimension of radio!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Return of DJ Kowgirl Katie!

On Friday, January 4, we celebrated the return of DJ Kowgirl Katie and her KILR Kountry Show. Katie shares her love and friendship with listeners as she plays a wide mix of Country favorites from the 1950's to the latest hits today. She also plays her personal favorites too! If you love Country, then you'll want to check out her show every Friday at 12pm Pacific / 3pm Eastern. And for a different mix of Country music featuring independent artists, check out KILR Kountry every Sunday night at 10pm Pacific / 1am Eastern.

We now have a mid-day show every day of the week. Each day has something different to offer:

  • Monday: The KILR 70's Show featuring DJ Shepster
  • Tuesday: The KILR 80's Show featuring DJ Shepster
  • Wednesday: Starrfoxx's Super Radio Show featuring DJs Starrfoxx & Demonslover
  • Thursday: The KILR Rock Show featuring DJ Howlin' Wolfman
  • Friday: The KILR Kountry Show featuring DJ Kowgirl Katie
  • Saturday: The Saturday BBQ Special (a new feature every weekend!)
  • Sunday: The Sunday Picnic (with a mix of music from the 1950's to Today)
This and many more programming is available to you each and every week. It's radio with character! Make us your favorite, internet radio station!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Schedule changes and our plans for 2013!

Hey KILR listeners!

Thanks for tuning in and making KILR Radio a fun and great radio station. It's all about you the listeners, and we appreciate you tuning in and sending the wonderful feedback back to us.

You may have noticed some slight scheduling changes. The morning "KILR Live" mix has changed its start time from 3am to 5am Pacific. This gives our overnight listeners an opportunity to listen to the "KILR Variety Mix" which is commercial supported through Live365. It's a different mix of music than what we do on "KILR Live" where much of the music is the same, but we have much that is different since we mix in many independent artists. "KILR Live" now runs for six hours from 5-11am Pacific Time to make room for another scheduling change...

"KILR Hitz"! Ah, yes. This is our Live version of our Sister Station, which plays nothing but #1 hits from around the world on many, many charts. Our international listeners love it, so we are bringing it to you Monday through Friday from 11am to Noon Pacific Time. It's a fantastic springboard into what we already have established as our "Mid-day Program" from Noon to 2pm Monday through Friday.

The "Mid-day Program" includes:

  • The Killer 70's Show on Monday
  • The Killer 80's Show on Tuesday
  • Starrfoxx's Super Radio Show on Wednesday
  • Howlin' Wolfman's KILR Rock Show on Thursday

... and Friday will be discussed shortly.

So what's coming in 2013?

Oh, we've got some fun and great things coming! We are planning on a "Morning Show" that will take our existing "KILR Live" mix and add some fun to it with a DJ duo team. So, you'll still get the same great music mix from 1901-Today, but you'll also have some DJ's to interact with as well!

And what's a Morning Show without an Afternoon Show? Yep, we have a three hour block of music in the afternoon that is just waiting for another DJ team to spice it up with some fun. And no doubt, it's going to be an interesting "Jeckyl" to the Morning Show's "Hyde".

And what about an Evening Show? Oh, that's in the works too! We may not see those until the end of next year, because our focus is on filling the Morning and Afternoons with some fun shows. But we DEFINITELY have some fun ideas we are toying around with for an evening DJ show. And have no fear; we are not going to cancel the late night shows we currently have going such as Monday Night Jazz, Wednesday Night KILR Hitz Live, and Thursday Night KILR Klassik Rock.

We mentioned Friday. Have you noticed we don't have a Mid-day show for Friday? That's because we have something special planned, and we hope to have it started sometime in early 2013 as well.

And what about "KSIM Radio"? It's not going anywhere folks, so don't worry Sim Fans! It'll soon become the show that springboards into the Afternoon Show.

And don't forget about all the interesting programs we have on the weekends! Many times we'll surprise you with a themed weekend such as an 80's Weekend, KILR Hitz Weekend, or we might even let "KSIM Radio" take over for the weekend. We will say that we are seriously due for a "60's Weekend". So if you love the 1960's, then you'll want to check back with us often. Got a feeling it'll be playing soon!

Fun times are ahead! With all of these great programs, it'll be hard to get bored with KILR Radio. We have different shows, different DJs, and a completely different character and personality than what you'll find on other internet stations. It's not just about music, but it's about having fun and spending time together!

Thanks again for tuning in and making KILR Radio not just an awesome station, but a KILLER radio station!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

KILR Radio prepares you for the holidays.

Starting today, KILR Radio mixes in Christmas and holiday music into its music variety music.

Since we have no limits on the decades and genres we play, you will have the opportunity to hear all the greatest Christmas classics, comedy tunes, and newer hits all on the same station. We also don't want to overdo it, so we keep it to a few holiday songs each hour within the wide variety of music we already play. No interruptions will be made during our DJ hosted shows, unless they want to play a few holiday tunes.

So now, you can hear all of your favorite hit songs, album tracks, oldies, and much more with a small does of holiday favorites to get you ready for the season.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Seasons Greetings from your friends at KILR Radio!

Monday, November 19, 2012

KSIM Radio, Monday Nite Jazzin', and new Power Albums

We've been making some updates and additions to our station which will add more flavor and variety to what we play each week.

Our biggest edition is KSIM Radio. It originally was a separate station that we tested out for a month on Live365. During that time, we were able to develop some artistic ideas to make it an even better station broadcasted live. Although we present this to you as a one hour show on a few days throughout the week, it was designed to be a station all on its own.

KSIM Radio currently has over 1500 music tracks covering the many of the games from "The Sims" series of games to include The Sims 1, 2, 3, expansion and stuff packs, SimCity 1-4, SimCity Societies, SimCopter, SimTown, SimAnt, Streets of SimCity, SimEarth, The Sims: Pet Stories & Castaway, Urbz, The Sims Bustin' Out, MySims and other games on the consoles from The Sims, The Sims Online, The Sims Social, and Spore. In addition, we've expanded the term "sim" to include other simulation type games such as music from Flight Simulator X, Age of Empires 1-3, and Civilization. Our collection will continue to grow as we go through other games in these series to include various versions on other computer platforms where the music sounded different.

In addition to music, we have a special station ID created for KSIM radio, voice-overs before commercial breaks, and then humorous advertisements taken from SimCopter and Streets of SimCity. We also have retro commercials from some of these "sim" games to bring back those old memories.

It's a lot of fun, and we've put quite a lot of work into it. It can certainly stand on its own, and we recently had a KSIM Radio weekend. If you love the game and series, computer games, or just want to hear something different, then check out KSIM Radio. It airs every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 2-3pm Pacific Time.

Our other updates to the station include a new, Jazz show on Monday nights. Many of the music we'll play will be from talented, independent artists. It sets the mood for Monday nights even further, since we already have The Jazzin' 20's playing from 6-7pm Pacific. Our new show, Monday Nite Jazzin' will air from 7-11pm Pacific.

We have four new power albums added to our rotation of ten albums with all of the tracks put into high rotation.
  • The Doors - The Doors
  • Hall & Oates - H2O
  • Bruce Springsteen - Nebraska
  • Aerosmith - Rocks

We have some more albums planned soon! Keep it KILR!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

KILR Television on YouTube

We've expanded KILR Radio to include another medium -- video! Why?

Video would be an excellent medium to use to introduce our listeners to the KILR Universe that we live in. Learn about the DJ's and staff behind KILR Radio, watch video promos, interviews, documentaries, advertisements for products and services in the KILR Universe, and even watch a movie or television serial.

Our channel is on YouTube, and it will include original content from our world to yours. For more information, visit our website or you can search KILR Radio on YouTube.